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How do I add works in bulk using the Excel Importer?

  • Export an Excel document of your current inventory management system (or create a new Excel). It should include one column for each of the relevant types of information for your objects - for example: Artist First Name, Artist Last Name, Title, Inventory ID, Materials, Dimensions, Price, Availability, Location, or any other relevant details.

*If your image files are named by Inventory ID, you should include an Inventory ID column in the Excel document. ArtBinder will then pair the image with the object accordingly after your images are uploaded to the Bulk Actions tool.

  • When your Excel document is complete and all of the details are formatted to your liking, save the file on your computer.
  • Next, you should check that the columns in your Excel correspond to your ArtBinder account’s object fields. By default, ArtBinder is preset with a few key object fields – Title, Price, Dimensions, Materials, Year, Location, and more. From your Organization Account page, you can build upon these details and create additional Custom FieldsFor example, if your Excel inventory list includes a column for Category, you will need to add a custom field for “Category” under Custom Fields.
  • Once you have adjusted your object fields to match your column categories, you can go ahead and upload the Excel.
  • Go into your account and click Excel Importer under the More tab in the top navigation bar.
  • This page will prompt you to choose an Excel file to upload. Upload the file you saved on your computer.
  • Next, Assign Fields and match a sample of your data with the corresponding ArtBinder fields. This important step is how our system will make a match between the Excel file you uploaded and all the info in our system.
  • Once you have finished matching, go ahead and click Save.
  • Then, Run the Import at the top of the page. This will take a few seconds. When all the objects have uploaded you will be taken to the Bulk Actions sections. 
The next step is to pair images with the objects you just uploaded.
  • If the file names of your images are not the corresponding Inventory IDs, then you can 
manually associate images with the corresponding object in Bulk Actions. From here, all the images appear on the left side with the objects on the right. You can search, sort and filter in each column. 
Go to What is Bulk Actions? to learn more.

Note: The Excel Importer only permits one set of Dimensions per object, and requires a Dimension Type column. To add multiple Dimensions, please do so from the Object page, or reach out to your Account Manager for any questions!

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