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What is Bulk Actions?

Bulk Actions is a helpful tool that allows you to add a large amount of inventory information to ArtBinder. It is located under the More section in the top navigation bar. You are able to import and match images & PDFs to Objects & Shows in bulk.

  • Select the Upload button on the top right corner of the page.
  • Drag & drop images to the box that appears, then click Close.
  • You can Search, Filter and Sort on the left side column to better locate the images you'd like to associate with an Object or Show. 
  • You can click on one or more images at a time. Once you've made your selections, you can drag & drop the image(s) to the intended Object or Show on the right side column.
  • Be aware of what images are selected before dragging them over to the associated object details. When you move onto the next image(s) selection and association, you will need to uncheck the previously selected images.
  • To the right, you can similarly Search, Filter and Sort.

Note: Similar to images, you can choose PDFs to upload one or more documents to Objects, Shows, Artist Bio and Artist Press.

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