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What’s the difference between “Published” and “Unpublished” objects?

ArtBinder gives you the option to add Objects, Shows, and Lists into your account without publishing them to the app.

Once you have added objects to your account, go into an Artist’s Objects page to view all the objects currently added for that artist. When you’re ready to publish any or all of those objects to the app, click on the grey star icon above the object title that you’d like to publish. This will publish the object to the app, turning the grey Unpublished star icon into the blue Published star icon. If you want to unpublish an object for any reason, simply check the blue Published star icon once again to Unpublish (the star will turn back to grey). This will remove that object from the app, but always keep the object in the CMS.

For Shows and Lists you’ll see the Published/Unpublished star on the left hand corner of their individual pages.

Deleting an object, on the other hand, will permanently remove it from your ArtBinder account.

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