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Can I upload videos to my ArtBinder?


Playing videos directly from ArtBinder is in the objects, but not yet a feature. In the meantime, we do have a sleek solution that requires hosting the videos on a website - Vimeo, Dropbox, etc. Once you have an objecting link to the videos, then you can embed the video link in a PDF. When you click the PDF in ArtBinder, the link will open within ArtBinder and you can view the video. You can use a video still as the image and upload the PDF with the embedded link as the additional info PDF. Below is a breakdown of the steps.


Steps to Hyperlink a PDF:

  • Create a PDF document
  • Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat (Note: Adobe Acrobat is required. Adobe Reader does not have this functionality)
  • Select Edit PDF
  • Select Link > Add/Edit Web or Document Link
  • Choose the area you want hyperlinked
  • Link Action > Open a web page
  • Enter the video’s URL
  • Click the PDF and check to make sure the link objects
  • Save the file


Steps to Upload a Hyperlinked PDF for a Video Object in ArtBinder:

  • Go to Objects at the top navigation bar.
  • Click “Create New Object.”
  • Input all the relevant object details.
  • Add a screenshot of the video as the image.
  • Click on Supporting Documents on the left side panel, and drag and drop the hyperlinked PDF file.
  • Publish the object.
  • Check for new content in the ArtBinder app.
  • Click the new object.
  • Click the "i" Info icon on the object page.
  • Click the hyperlinked PDF.
  • Watch the video!!


Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager directly or email - we will be happy to assist you.


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