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How do I create custom fields?

The Custom Fields tab, which allows you to tailor the app to your specific needs by creating as many ‘fields’ of information about the objects in your inventory as you see fit. 
By default, ArtBinder is preset with a few key object detail fields – title, inventory ID, dimensions, materials, year, object status, price, and location. You can build upon these details from the Custom Fields section and add additional categories.

  • To do this, hover over the Profile icon at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Organization Settings
  • Custom Fields
  • Add New Field
  • Give the Custom Field a title.
  • If you click Save, it will save the field as a free text field. A text field allows you to input any text or number as the value for the field.
  • If you click Add Dropdown Options, you can save the field as a dropdown field and add custom dropdown options. This format allows you to limit responses to a set of specific choices, which you’ll define here and will be available for selection throughout the CMS.


For example, I could create a custom field for object category and organize my inventory into one of four pre-set categories: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Works on Paper. The ‘custom dropdown’ option is a better choice here, as it prevents typos and abbreviations from being filtered out when you search a specific field.

  • To do this, select Add Dropdown Options and input each of these categories.
  • Then, Save.
  • Now you are able to go into an Object page and select a category for each 
object. This can also be done in bulk by uploading a new excel sheet with this field 

Once this is done you can check for new content in the app and view your 
inventory organized by category. 
This is just one example of how a Custom Field can be used to customize your account.

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