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Can I add multiple views/images of an object?

Yes. Every Object will have a primary image, but you can also add additional views such as installation shots, detail shots, and framed or unframed shots. You can add the supplementary images from an object’s detail page or in the Bulk Actions.

  • In the object detail page, drag and drop images from your desktop to the box below the main image, or click inside the box to “Upload Images” and find the image file or files you have saved on your desktop.
  • Once the additional images are added and you’ve checked for new content in the app, you can easily scroll through these additional images on the ArtBinder app by clicking the Views icon.
  • To add supplementary images in the Bulk Actions sections under More, click Upload on the top right hand corner.
  • You can search both sides, sort by import date, and filter to “Hide associated” images/object to see what needs to be matched. 

  • Drag and drop the image(s) to the appropriate Object.
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