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Is my data secure on ArtBinder?

At ArtBinder we take security very seriously. We use the most secure cloud technology on the market, provided by Amazon (AWS). Our best in class tools and policies ensure that our systems run smoothly and no security breaches can happen.

Our approach to data security consists of separating major components of sensitive information into different data clusters and limiting relationships between the clusters so that one cluster on its own does not contain clear information, even if it is breached. Sensitive information is encrypted with industry standard two-way and one-way encryption algorithms. We also use encrypted protocols (https) to secure the communication over the wires. A main takeaway is that there is not just one server in one location. A network of servers around the world host the data, which provides redundancy, increased security, and remote access. 

Additionally, all ArtBinder employees sign a lengthy NDA that is rigorously enforced – we have never had a problem.
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