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How do I set up an Invoice?

Setting up an invoice is a similar process to sending a packet or email.

  • Go to the Share icon in the ArtBinder app and select “Invoice”
  • Select the work(s) you wish to invoice
  • When you are satisfied with the contents of your invoice, select “Compose Invoice” if you are on your iPad, or "Continue" if you are on your iPhone
  • From the “Compose Invoice” page you can edit Gallery Info and Work Price if needed
  • Add appropriate information into Recipient and payment sections, including any discounts, taxes, or terms & conditions.
  • Before sending, you can preview your invoice by clicking on the small eye icon on your screen
  • To send an invoice to its recipient(s), click on the envelope icon. This will open up an email draft with a link to the invoice, which you recipient(s) can then download.
  • To save the invoice as a draft, you can click on the floppy disc icon and it will save the invoice in your ArtBinder Invoices Draft page.

*If you are not connected to 4G/WiFi, the invoice will not send and will remain in your Outbox until you are connected to 4G/WiFi.  

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