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How do I access the Activity Log for an Object?

To find the Object-specific Activity Log from the Home Page, simply scroll to the “Objects” section on the top bar and click into it. From there, select the object that you are looking to find the Activity Log for, which you can do by selecting the filter button in the top right hand corner of the page, entering in any information on the object you are aiming to find, and then selecting “Apply.”  Once you have clicked into the object, navigate to the left hand side where you will see a list of items -- at the bottom, select “Activity Log.” This will bring you to the log of changes associated with this specific object. The changes made will be categorized into sections chronologically by the date of the change, the most recent being at the top. You can find the exact date and time the change was made on the left hand column. The center column lists which user administered the change, and the far right column displays the details of the change made to the object. This includes thumbnails of any images added, as well as which section the changes were made to.

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