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How do I create a Contact Group?

To take any actions on a Contact Group, scroll to the “Contacts” section on the top navigation bar from the home screen. From the drop down menu select “Contacts”, which will bring you to the main page.  

  • Use the Filter button located on the top right hand of the list to narrow your search.
  • Select as many Contacts as you would like by checking the box in the top left corner of the contact card.
  • After you have selected all of the Contacts that you would like grouped together, you have a number of options shown in the left-hand menu.
    • Add To an existing group
    • Create New group
    • Export selected Contacts to a .csv file

To create a New Contact Group select Create New > Group.

  • Click into Group and a pop up window will prompt you to add a Title.
  • Add tags from the main page using our type-ahead field.
  • Add additional Contacts to the group from the left menu.
  • To edit the Title of the group or delete the entire group, navigate to the “...” located in the top right hand of the screen.


*To add Contacts to an existing Contact Group, select Add To and follow the above steps

*To export Contacts into a .csv file, select Export and follow the above steps.

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