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How do I create a new Report Template?

To create a new Report Template, navigate to the “Reports” section from the top navigation under “More”. Click “Templates” which will bring you to the template tool. You can create and save an unlimited number of Report Templates,  and include customizations such as a logo, font emphasis, text alignment, and more.

To create a New Report Template:

  • Click “Add New Report Template” from the left-hand navigation
  • Choose a Layout
  • Pick between Multi-Column (best for Checklists and Price Lists), Label (best large-format wall labels), and Single Item (best for individual inventory pieces).
  • If you choose Multi-Column, you will be asked to choose how many columns you would like to be included in this template (options include 3, 3 Unequal, 4, 5, or 6 columns). You can change this later on within the template creator if the number of columns needed is unknown.
  • Click “SAVE” to begin creating your template.

Once you’ve entered the template tool, you will see shortcuts on the left hand side that will guide you through each step of creating a Report Template. The portion of the report that you are working on will be highlighted in blue as you move through the template tool, and you can refer to the instructions provided on the left hand side for additional assistance.

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