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How do I generate a new Invoice?

You create an invoice by going to the “More” tab at the top of the screen and selecting “Invoices” from the drop down. From here, you click “Create New Invoice.” Alternatively, you can create an invoice by directly selecting an Object(s) and clicking “Create New” > “Forms” > “Invoice.” 

You will be prompted to select what information or fields you want to be included. An invoice will then be generated, and from here you can enter:

  • Invoice Date
  • Payment Type
  • Ship To
  • Bill To
  • Invoice Status
  • Add or remove objects
  • Apply Discounts and Additional Costs
Discounts and Additional Costs can be added to individual objects or to total cost by $ or % value. You may create costs in multiple currencies for different objects, and the total balance due will be calculated with our integrated live currency converter based on the final currency you choose (the currency applying to the grand total of the Invoice).
Price fields such as Retail Price, Discounts, and Sales Tax can be filled out accordingly and the total will be auto-calculated. 
You can choose to include any Payment Terms, Instructions, or Notes at the end of your invoice.

When you are finished editing the invoice, click “Preview” to see the final product. From here you can save, download to PDF, and print or share with a few simple clicks. All saved invoices are located under the “Invoices” section.
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