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How do I create an Edition Set?

To create Edition Sets, you will need to first Create a New Object from the “Objects” page at the top navigation bar.

  • From the newly created Object page, select “Create New Edition Set” under the left-side menu. You can have multiple Edition Sets reserved for different size prints.
  • Enter all applicable information for this Edition Set.

Important fields to include:
Edition Set Title (Usually print size/dimensions)
Total Editions
Number of Editions to Create
Specify Edition Numbers (comma separated) ie: 1,2,3,10,100

  • If all objects share the same Availability Status, Year and/or Medium, you can enter this information one-time under Object Info and it will apply to all editioned objects. The same applies to Dimensions, Price, and Location.
  • When you’re done, select Add from the top right corner of the pop up box.
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